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              brief introduction
              development strategy
              organization structure
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               Corporate History
                  Sichuan Jian'an Industrial Ltd. is a wholly state-owned company directly subordinate to China South Industries Group Corporation (CSGC). JA locates in ya’an city, sichuan province, 123 km away from Chengdou and covers an area 400,000 square meters.
               Product Structure
                  JA is one of the major enterprises in China for research and production of light vehicle driving axles, mini-bus driving axles, car suspensions and gears& pinions. JA has cooperated with over 24 customers(OEMs) in China, such as CCAG、FAW、DFMC、SGMW、Chery etc.
               Production Capacity
                  Over 1.4 million units per year in mini-bus and light vehicles drive axles production, 50,000 units per year in light vehicle rear axles production; 340,000 units per year in car suspensions production.
                  Our market share in China for mini-bus drive axles reaches above 60%. The company has established four production and assembly bases around OEMs, such as the southwest base, the northeast base, the north china base and the east china base. The volume of production and sales has ranked 1st place continuously for 7 years.
                R&D Capability
                 JA has established a self-development process and standard product development platform and used international design and analysis software from the structural design, CAE analysis to experimental verification, such as CAD, CAE analysis software etc.
                 We apply 2-D, 3-D design software, CAE analysis software (including MSC. Nastran, MSC.Patran, MSC.ADAMS, MSC.Fatigue, SMT.MASTA, etc.) to reasearch and develop new products and to communicate with customers. We can use statics analysis, dynamics analysis, fatigue analysis, drive system analysis, finit element analysis simulation, analogue simulation technologies etc. to increase the efficiency and reliability of design. The professional R&D center guarantees us to synchronously design rear axles and passenger car suspension, gears etc. in line with customer’s requests. By using the advanced design software, the design and manufacturing of spiral bevel gears keeps leading in domestic through years of practical application.
                 We have a full set of axles and suspension bench test equipment which can carry on all kinds of tests on the major suspension and driving axle projects.
                 Due to the cooperative development of CV9 suspension assembly with MIRA, we assimilate and absorb the advanced design process and approach, indraught and improve foreign advanced concepts and patterns of suspension development process to realize simulation-oriented analysis for the product design and enhance new products’development quality and efficiency.
               Honorable Reputation
                 JA has ranked in transportation manufacturing industry; JA won ‘china outstanding supplier’in 2004;achieved‘Fulfill Achievement Advanced Enterprises in Sichuan Province’ in 2005-2009; honored with‘AAA Grade Quality Credit Enterprise in Sichuan Province’ in 2006-2010; obtained‘Excellent Supplier’from OEMs, such as CCAG, DFMC, FAW etc. in 2010.
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